Pro athlete who have done porn?

With the dominance of free porn on today’s market, it’s to no surprise pornstars have been getting even more mainstream appeal, it’s not an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. These days pornstars are as, or sometimes even more famous than a lot of movie stars, the rise of free porn in the last decade or so has heavily contributed to this. With this rise to the mainstream, the occupation of ‘pornstar’ is a lot less shameful than it used to be, and it being such a physically intensive profession, it’s no wonder that some professional athletes have gone from sport to porn. Today we bring you tidbits of information about some of these athletes turned pornstars.

Jonathan De Falco (Football)

De Falco was never the most amazing football player, we can admit to that, however he did make it to the pro leagues, and played for Belgium for a large portion of his life. Once he was kicked off the team after a sporting injury De Falco decided that he was going to take matters into his own hands, and after doing strip shows for a while he finally made his debut in the area of gay porn, which came as a surprise to his then girlfriend.

Jon Koppenhaver(MMA)

Jon was kicked off the MMA for untold reasons, or rather, for so many reasons not all of them could be told, it boiled down to his flair for the dramatic leading to tensions. Now after a pro-MMA career, there isn’t really much one could do for work, so Jon tried his hand at porn, this went well and smoothly all the way up until at a pornstar’s party he assaulted a man, later on he was convicted for attempted murder and promptly tried to hang himself in jail.

Jackie Chan(Kung Fu)

While most of us know Jackie Chan for his good comedy films, in actuality he was first a genuine kung fu master. Before his movie-making debut and massive success, Jackie fell on hard times in his native Hong Kong, which didn’t have much of a market for Kung Fu masters, this lead to Jackie making a, for him quite difficult decision, this decision was to star in a full-length porn film, which he then did, it is not certain if Jackie Chan regrets doing this, however it certainly got him out of his hard times.

Joanie Laurer(WWE)

The WWE wrestler Joanie Laurer isn’t someone you’d immediately associate with the world of pornstars, however even in porn looks can sometimes be deceiving, as the young WWE wrestler seemed to be slightly agitated by her image as quite a manly looking female wrestler, she seemed far too agitated by this, so she elected to do what any sane woman would, and film a porno. “One Night In China” is a full-length porn movie featuring Joanie as the female star, and showing the whole world that she was indeed a girl and could very well use it.